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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and a free media dog r.t. dot com. russia holds its breath for the final results of a parliamentary election with the ruling united russia party losing its overall majority but still emerging one on top of all the latest figures and in-depth analysis coming right up. iran says it shot down a u.s. spy drone along its eastern border with use of american craft over the country being seen as the latest evidence of washington's efforts to destabilize countries beyond its influence. and cross the atlantic tempers flare again as british m p's fuming over a one sided extradition policy that's left its citizens up to the politically
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driven american justice system. well news and much more twenty four hours a day this is r.t. a moment of truth for russia's ruling party almost all the votes counted in the parliamentary election united russia is to lose the knowledge majority it held in the previous but will still stay the biggest party by far far more weakened the cross live now to r.t. sara first is in the central moscow with more on this. vote something counted in official results are still do you what's the latest standing so far. well that they can continue as he said ninety three percent have been counted now the figures at the moment have put united russia just under fifty percent the communist party at
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just under twenty percent russia with around thirteen percent and the liberal democratic party with around twelve. figures it changing all the time as you can see the united russia was leading has lost its safe room majority that compares to four years ago but it has fixed the full. percent of the vote now some people have put that down to the day to discontent with the ruling party pointing to divisions between rich and poor that have caused that happiness amongst the public and political and economic stagnation if the party continues to leave at the present to meet him in vegas said at the far from that actually the very it reflects a father who would provide a stable economic development in the country. to see his i saw it earlier well the party represents almost fifty percent of the population in business is the result of the democratic process but taken into
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account in the fine thanks make i still have to form coalitions with other parties of the various issues and this is one power limited and democracy is only found in the leaders of other parties so that they're ready for that which in stool. does he said the face are still being counted and the official preliminary figure is a going to be out later on today so what do international observers say about the way the actions were held across russia. but they were monitoring it very closely all throughout the day across the country yesterday there are almost half a million service from competing parties and around seven hundred international observers now from the competing parties and service that has been complaints of violations in the election process the safe and the haven't been any reports of major violations from the international observers. the organizational election could hardly be better. this corresponds to my
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experience as an observer in russia and in other post soviet republics in organizational terms they're absolutely excellent the ladies it's very often ladies who run the election commissions are extremely competent there's a very tranquil. atmosphere that's rather a festive atmosphere in fact in most stations. now we did see yesterday in the capital some rally happening support as the various political parties that were arrests made is still more than a hundred arrests made and there are more rallies expected today the police obviously monitoring that situation quite place the still quite heavy presence yesterday as he said more i think back to today as we await the final result would be keeping you updated had a sufficient preliminary think it's. ok for now thank you for that update. but we also spoke to prime minister that he met putin spokesman dmitri peskov about
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his views of the election results so far he told us that while the financial crisis has taken its toll united russia still remains the country's foremost political force this result is the party to continue its politics to continue its line for the whole country to take a significant porn in name creation of the new government and so on and so forth here has to be considered as a victory of the party we have to remember that this party was a party country during a very harsh and very tough period during the last four years it was a period on the economic crisis on the part of managed to minimize the consequences of this crisis for the population certainly working party cannot satisfy everyone in this country and its way obviously it has lost some percentage some percentage but again i repeat it proved to be the leading political power in the country over the vote count and now nearly over it's become clear that opposition parties have
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made some of the biggest gains in years and that's according to political science professor mungo it is bound to influence how the conduct of elections and russians viewed internationally. the election. to reshape some of the russian elections is an electoral process it's simply manipulated completely. the ruling party has lost. any disease you looks great it has been expected right western image so whole building is very important to have an influence international relations and. russia. for there are four hundred fifty seats in the state duma at stake with parties needing to win the more than seven percent of voters to get representation in proportion to their share of the ballot but parties which get a five or six percent will also get one or two seats in the parliament respectively
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martin mccauley a specialist on russia from the university of london says this will have a positive influence on the norm making process. it would be a very good thing if there were some of the smaller parties more independent minded people because they could have to create a different view for. the united russia because it's the ruling party it will contain the people who are in power the people who want to be in power and the people who work for the government and so on and those in the economy who depend on government contracts and so on outside that you need the others who are not dependent on the government. to take the view for. all this can be put into the mix to develop. russia which is going forward by all accounts the elections have shattered russia's own one party one power set up and that's something that's left many breathing a sigh of relief but also presents new challenges such as sustaining the country's
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modernization drive which international experts involved in science and technology projects in russia says are vital to the country's future. modernization is really key for the russian economy isn't it as we go forward over the next ten or fifteen years as oil and gas revenues decline you have to ask yourself what what is going to move in to plug the gap so building an economy that's able to capitalize on the intellectual strengths of russia which is where i see the important changes taking place is really key and my questions are really about things like the skulker innovation project and so on is that which was mr medvedev project is that going to continue to prosper if we see. the decline in the one russia ruling party this is a really crucial issue i think for russia to grapple with together with perhaps some kind of feeling of stagnation in russian politics and
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a feeling that some kind of change is necessary while there were helping you keep your finger on the pulse of developments as counting continues in the russian parliamentary election and later in the day we expect the announcement of official preliminary results and comments from international observers and you can also track the latest figures on our web site at r.t. dot com. other news now and iran says its forces have shot down an unmanned american drone in the east of the country the aircraft used for spying was recovered on the ground largely undamaged iranian military promise is that operations against intruding drones will not be limited to iranian borders american radio host and independent blogger steven then says the long history of u.s.
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spying on iran means this incident comes as no surprise. these drones patrol you were supporters reconnaissance spying we've been doing it in america for some time you doing it in many other countries you've been spying on iran for a long time persians and nine hundred seventy s. america instead of running go on a war with. basically want to change the regime to make it subservient to you which interest in revenues the as the as the khorasan notion that it believes it as the right to is all sovereignty to run its own government to conduct its overthe years it doesn't have to instead of watching washington disagrees do you realize the conflict. and too often journalists in the town see believes that the instance is a clear breach of international law. there's narky one seventy advanced stealth
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reconnaissance drone which what i'm hearing is said they lost it over afghanistan last week others are saying of uranium must be busily looking at this drone and what a great way of. creating technology transfer this is an incredibly serious event and it's of course against international law the united states yet again breaking international law with these drones it's interesting that even some neo conservatives criticizing obama saying while we're talking about nuclear facilities iran is thinking about a much bigger game and this is really about influence within the region egypt is a big loss to the united states after the fall of the u.s. back to day to mubarak from the atlantic to the indian oceans and of course even greece backing some oil sanctions against syria against iran this is
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a case of the western media feeding loads of people the idea that these countries are isolated when in fact the world is now changing. while they're still coming up in the program transition of opportunity the loss of pakistan's trust mr supplies u.s. troops in afghanistan beating russia the next best experts say that could be the diplomatic battle. now dozens of british m.p.'s cross the political divide have united in london calling for a review of what they see as a one sided extradition policy by the us drawn up in the chaotic aftermath of nine eleven it decrees that washington can demand anyone's extradition without proof britain is obliged to a day but as all of these other bennett reports patience is wearing thin. all take and no give that's the growing feeling in britain's parliament against america's controversial extradition treaty it was signed in two thousand and three in the
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post nine eleven tannic and makes it far easier for the us to take people from the u.k. from the other way around now forty five m.p.'s from the three main parties have crossed the political divide and joined forces they finally forced a debate and a parliamentary vote and what they call an injustice commission was a mistake in the first person in history i think it was a mistake it's not a level playing field even with a partner like america we need to make sure that we of being equal and we are being fair to our citizens and that is not the case of the moment britain must present evidence for any extradition but america doesn't need to a long awaited independent inquiry recently ruled this relationship was balanced but the numbers suggest otherwise one hundred twenty three people have been surrendered to america under the treaty since two thousand and four only fifty four
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have gone the other way america's ambassador to the u.k. has branded these figures myths and in accuracies but they were figures he's embassy refused to reveal he's even accused m.p.'s of willfully distorting the facts in the run up to this crunch vote in parliament that could shift the balance by m.p.'s aren't backing down joining a battle some have fought since the treaty was signed i think you know the scene how many seven justices have been caused because of it it was meant to be for terrorists offenses it wasn't meant to be for the ken things they use in genesis son is gary mckinnon a mainstay on america's extradition wish list he was arrested ten years ago after hacking into pentagon files he says he was merely searching for u.f.o.'s gary has asperger's syndrome and according to his. mother should be tried in the u.k. on medical grounds but america's not giving up on one of their most wanted is so
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vengeful. you think it was a summer been widened it is so over the top they left him one has entered it three and a half years after the arrest if gary was the slightest threat that wouldn't have been done but it's very much i think he embarrassed them and because of that they were very angry at him there are nine cases currently fighting extradition to america richard o'dwyer is the latest he's wanted on copyright charges for creating a search engine for pirated content it's not even considered a crime in the u.k. but at the moment that doesn't matter the us can still get their man the coalition government promised to change this while in opposition there was their chance to deliver either bennett r.t. london. fresh updates videos and comments is just a click away on our website r.t. dot com let's take a look at what you can check out there right now celebration madness goalposts tone down the crowds trampled thousands of fans burst on playing field in the stadium
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and oklahoma turned the joy of victory into violence. and world war two alert six decades off ended forty five thousand residents are evacuated from a german city experts trying to defuse a one point home on a new toy. is recent a deadly air attack on pakistan has put the u.s. mission in afghanistan in danger with supplies cut off washington may soon have to turn to other transit states to keep its military effort going among them is russia and its artie's going to church account reports this could mean some well timed diplomatic leverage for moscow. supplies are would
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keep the war running nato actions have put all operations in afghanistan in danger after attacks that killed twenty four pakistani soldiers islamic art cut off one of the alliances major supply routes to again his stance. i would like to extend my most sincere condolences. to pakistan washington's condolences were not enough to repeated incursions by the u.s. military in pakistan really left no choice and also the humiliation that the pakistani military faced in front of its own soldiers and the pakistani people left no choice before the government this time but to cut off the supply line good relations between the u.s. and pakistan as unstable as ever in order to keep the warring of ghana's stand running nato relies more on its other major supply route coming from the north. here it is the northern distribution network you see all these blue lines and here
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is the route that pakistan shut down now the northern supply network was thought it when russia agreed to provide its territory and airspace for transit if non-lethal supplies to nato troops in afghanistan it proved to be a very reliable route more reliable than pakistan now it accounts for half of nato as non-lethal supplies on trucks railroads and by air supplies travel through russian territory from europe and from russia's far east all the way to afghanistan and the reliance on this route is set to expand in the last three years russia's cooperation on of ganesan as being key to nato operations that. i set down with professor michael lee haas who stressed he was speaking in a personal capacity the u.s. has a very tenuous kind of placement. in afghanistan and it is highly vulnerable it's highly vulnerable. pakistanis but it's more
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vulnerable to russia i mean if russia were to withdraw its permission for us to use its rail lines we would be in a very difficult position in afghanistan the northern supply network could now be in danger because of a failure in diplomacy moscow says because washington turned down all of its proposals on the missile defense issue russia might have to resort to other arguments including its cooperation with nato on afghanistan. their processes which are critically important for russia which are about russia's national security one of them is nato expansion into russian borders and the fact that washington goes ahead with a robust missile shield program in europe without meeting with any consideration of russia's concerns gives moscow the right to use any leverage it has to be heard by its partner but even the mere possibility that russia could cut off the northern supply route threatens the viability of all western operations in afghanistan nato risks leaving almost one hundred forty thousand of its troops in afghanistan
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without vital supplies if diplomacy doesn't win the day with pakistan it's about people there being fed up with russia it's about their national security if washington does not seriously address the concerns of its partners even the best partnerships can fade i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. . and then crosstalk coming up at seven thirty g.m.t. the people of l.a. his guests discuss what to ten years of foreign occupation and brought in afghanistan now that withdrawal is in sight as a preview. the you are still leaves environment that's more secure than it was say a year ago two years ago that the afghan army and the afghan central government is able to exert more control than they are now which is to say that there is not a hasty withdrawal and that the gains that we just discussed have been solidified chris you want to jump in there go ahead but on real hard don't know where you get your facts and statistics from in the i r r base my opinions on the united nations
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and according to the united nations afghanistan they still virtually on the bottom of the human development index on almost any. parameter you want to charge it things have got worse for the afghan people over the last ten years the infrastructure. to produce is in so-called to justify it if you're if you're metrics have to do you're going to. we're increasing to your knowledge according to the reuters poll which shows that afghanistan is the most dangerous country in the world for women. and. that's a couple of other stories making headlines around the world this out italy's new a technocratic government headed by monti has approved a vital austerity and common growth package thirty billion euros country's prime
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minister out by the measures both chambers of parliament today before a vote monday took power on november the sixteenth after markets lost confidence in the spirit to bring in the reforms essential to rein in the debt. that one point nine billion euros twenty percent of these g.d.p. the scale of which. you see this resolved. at least forty five tons of heavily radioactive water have reportedly leaked from the fukushima nuclear power plant some reached the pacific ocean one of the station's operator has given rise to fresh concerns that the city still posses this threat to the body and nine months off it was struck by an earthquake and tsunami hopes that the operator had brought the reactors under control and now again in doubt. all the business news is up next with natasha stay with us.
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it's almost twenty three minutes past eight am here in moscow you're watching the business on r.t. if the year old were based on the strength of the greek economy it would be worth less than one dollar according to better bank the single currency is more than thirty percent overvalued one measured against the greece's financial health by contrast burbank's says the euro is undervalued by about five percent for germany and france giving them a competitive advantage analysts say to resolve the situation a level playing field it would be easier to allow inflation of france and germany rather than a deflationary greets. and it's now time to take a look at the markets or oil is trading higher and speculation is that the tension in the middle east with her supplies iran says it could reach two hundred fifty dollars a barrel if it sees more pressure on its nuclear program and the boost is coming
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from europe worth anywhere tally and prime minister mario monti could spend thirty billion euro in a sweeping austerity package. shares at asia are higher japan's nikkei is adding less than half a percent to building a last week's have to gains the indexes now trading above its twenty five day moving average which many see as a good technical sign and hong kong the hang seng is putting on around half percent sour. and it's less than two hours ahead of the opening bell here in moscow markets ended last week's would pretty much swats the my six out of just a notch while the r.t.s. less than a temple percent. looking ahead to the trading week experts see two major events the first is the european central bank's meeting on thursday followed by the e.u. summit on friday the two should provide a clearer picture of how the block is coping with the debt crisis. and capital says
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he expects the market in russia to remain positive the first half of the week with a focus on the energy sector. well guess sector since oil price is quite high it's around one hundred ten on the back of the. news about iran although once arrives back on the market and it's all we see market we think that high beta names like metals and mining sector like electrical duty said to would be better in every market would be slightly positive to this year's a meeting is after such a significant rally there will be some retracement. not that big but more or less there would be that would be positive russia is the largest country in the world and is home to the biggest a railway system but the lack of high speed trains means the railways no alternative flying speaking france the head of russian railways
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lyceum are you coming in has invited foreign railway giants to help change the situation. we're going to hold a tender in building the country's first high speed railroad next year it's an absolute project russia will foresee a lot of problems and that's why we're incorporating with companies who know how to build and manage high speed rail ways but if we offer opportunities which are not found anywhere in the world is there going to be thousands of kilometers of high speed. russian tycoon a victor that solberg is the richest resident of switzerland this year according to a swiss business magazine bill on his fortune is estimated at around twelve billion dollars that's a bronze controls the world's largest alimony and producer will solve and as president of the skolkovo foundation he also owns a number of assets in europe including a fifty six percent stake in one of the world's leading industrial groups will look at the company's market capitalization totals around one point seven billion
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dollars he also has a thirty one percent stake in engineering giant salts or the farmers worth around three point eight billion dollars that's positive about europe's economic outlook. the real would call the me of europe and it's stronger now and what we see today my interpretation it's more a political problem is that the canonical problem and they believe so politically that it should be play a more if you for old school defiance what is this problem and to find the solution ourselves integration process doesn't have much if i believe you will be still alive because a strong current is political with just money for rights for go away should those proceeds. and that's all we have time for in this edition of business i'll be back in around fifteen minutes talking about.
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